Top Best Digital Camera in 2014 Under 300 Dollars

Are you organizing a party and looking for a good digital camera under 300 dollars to capture memorable events? Although hundreds of digital cameras retail under 300 dollars online, a good model should have the following basic features: First, it should have a powerful and image-stabilized zoom lens. A good digital camera should also fit comfortably in your hands; have a powerful CMOS sensor, and a durable and ergonomically designed case that withstands constant abuse. The top 10 best models retailing under 300 dollars in 2014 are:

10. Canon PowerShot D20

Tenth on our review of the top best digital camera in 2014 under 300 dollars, the Canon PowerShot D20 is a durable model, loved by both novice and professional photographers. Its temperature proof (14-140 degrees) and waterproof (to 33 feet) construction and powerful 28mm wide-angle lens with 5x digital zoom, 5x optical zoom, and 20x combined zoom are other good pointers. With it, you can zoom in far targets easily, and capture clearer shots. Its responsive image optical stabilizer also minimizes blur and improves the quality of photographs and videos further. Finally, thus camera has a 3-inch TFT display with the PureColor LCD technology, a Full 1080p HD dedicated button, a powerful DIGIC 4 image processor, and a sensitivity CMOS sensor.

9. Sony WX350

If you have 300 dollars to spend on a digital camera, consider buying the WX350 by Sony. It is cost-effective, compact, and light. It is also durable and has an array of innovative features that will improve your photo-taking experience significantly. Its 20.4MP Exmor R CMOS sensor and 40x Clear Image and 20x optical zoom lens, for instance, capture high quality images in both high and low light environments. Its Lock-On Auto focus feature keeps moving targets in focus, while its Motion Shot Video traces movements for the best possible shot. These features increase its suitability for photojournalists and people who cover live action events such as soccer or go on wildlife safaris often. Finally, this camera has many interesting picture effects, a 360 Sweep Panorama feature, and connectivity features such a Wi-Fi adapter and HDMI2 port that you can use to backup or share your digital creations with friends.

8. Samsung NX2000

Apart from its aesthetic look and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand, the following features have earned the Samsung NX2000 the number eight spot on our review: 1) 20.3MP CMOS sensor – the powerful sensor in the Samsung NX2000 captures scintillating photos in both dark and illuminated environments. It also retains life-like colors even at high resolutions. 2) 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen – NX2000’s WVGA touchscreen makes focusing and editing images easy. You do not have to master cumbersome button configurations. 3) Connectivity – this digital camera has several connectivity features that ease file sharing. Its built-in Wi-Fi adaptor, for instance, has made wires obsolete, while its AutoShare feature can send images to your smart phone automatically.

7. Canon PowerShot SX510 HS

Canon PowerShot SX510HS is a well-built digital camera with a 12.1MP CMOS sensor and an image-stabilized 30X optical zoom lens. It also has a DIGIC 4 Canon processor for power and a Full HD dedicated button for recording high-resolution 1080p HD videos. Finally, with each Canon PowerShot SX510 HS that you buy, you get a 32GB SDHC memory card. You also get an aesthetic carrying case (Digpro CompactDeluxe), a compatible HDMI cable, extra battery, and a Tripod.

6. Olympus Evolt E500

The Olympus Evolt E500 is a cost-effective 8-mega pixel digital SLR camera. It ranks sixth on our top best digital camera in 2014 under 300 dollars review for the following reasons: First, manufactured using high quality materials, and stringent production and quality assurance standards, this digital camera is durable. Its casing, for instance, is scratch and dust proof. Its TruePic Turbo Image processor is fast and has a 64 MB image buffer that improves processing speed and image clarity further, especially when taking burst photos. Its 2.5-inch LCD display has an integrated HyperCrystal technology with nine built-in filters and five metering mode. Focusing, previewing, and editing videos is therefore easy. Finally, the high-capacity lithium ion battery used to power this digital camera lasts long. When covering a wedding or birthday party, you will never miss a memorable event because its battery has run out.

5. Sony DSC-WX300/W

People love the Sony DSC-WX300/W digital camera for its quality build and ability to capture breath-taking images in all environments. It also ranks high among the top 10 best models because of its advanced technology and array of innovative features that ease usage, and improve image quality. Its Clear Image Lens with 40x digital zoom and 20x optical zoom, for instance, capture crisp clear images at a distance. If you are shaky or a novice, your photographs will look professional, courtesy of the advanced image stabilizer fitted on this lens. For video takes, this digital camera is HD ready. It has a dedicated button that turns this innovative feature on an off and that you can use to manipulate your creations. Finally, its built-in microphone, noise reducing features, built-in flash, and array of connectivity features are other selling points.

4. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 is a simple and cost-effective point and shoot digital camera that surprisingly, works better than many high-end brands in the market. It is light and compact. Its casing is durable and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hands, while its wide-angle 20mm-1200mm 60x optical zoom is among the most powerful in this category. It captures clear images. It also maintains true color even at high resolutions. Like many Panasonic digital cameras, it has an Auto Focus feature, Full HD filming ability. Its sound is Dolby quality, while its optical image stabilizer corrects shaking and image blur well.

3. Fujifilm FinePix S4200

A best seller in many online stores, the Fujifilm FinePix S4200 ranks third best on our review. Its 24x Fujinon lens is durable. Its 14MP CCD sensor is also powerful and works well in both high and low light environments. Its dual image stabilizer, electronic viewfinder, and large 3.0-inch LCD display are other features many people find interesting.

2. Nikon COOLPIX L820

The COOLPIX L820 by Nikon is the second best digital camera under 300 dollars. It has a powerful image-stabilized 30x zoom lens and 16MP CMOS sensor that improve image quality. It also has a powerful processor, 3-inch LCD display, Full 1080p recording ability, and an ergonomically designed casing among many other innovative features.

1. Canon PowerShot SX260 HS

As per our review, the Canon PowerShot SX260 HS is the best digital camera under 300 dollars. It is simple, easy to use, and rarely malfunctions when in use. It Lithium Ion battery lasts long. In synergy, its 12.1 mega pixel camera, 39x zoom plus lens, and intelligent optical stabilizer capture quality images and 1080p high definition videos, while its PureColor 3-inch screen is large, touch-sensitive, and very clear.

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