Top 10 Best Mosquito Killers 2015 Reviews

Did you know that mosquitoes are among the most dangerous insects in the world? The spread killer parasites and viruses. They are also nagging and often disrupt sleep with their humming if not controlled well. If you have a problem with mosquitoes and traditional remedies do not seem to work, buying a good mosquito killer online is a good decision. Event though many quality traps and organic concentrates can keep your bug menace in check in couple of hours or days, the top 10 best ones in 2015 are:

10. US Plug 110V LED UV Lamp by BUYINSOON

The US plug LED UV lamp by BUYINSOON is the tenth best remedy for troublesome flying insects such as mosquitoes in the home. It is effective and endorsed by world-renowned environmentalists mainly because of its safety. It does not use harsh chemicals that often harm the environment or kill beneficial insects indiscriminately. When in use, its LED UV lamp emits light as an attractant. Once inside the trap, its 110-volt metallic mesh electrocutes mosquitoes killing them instantly. Apart from its safety rating and effectiveness, thousands of homeowners prefer this trap to other mosquito killers in the market because of its ease of use. You do not have to measure anything or follow stringent guidelines to kill mosquitoes. It is also space efficient, cost effective, and works well for over 100,000 hours.


9. Electronic Indoor Mosquito Killer by Aspectek

The electronic indoor zapper by Aspectek is an effective mosquito killer that is suitable for regular use. It is cost effective, sustainable, and uses an innovative zapping technology that does not harm humans or the environment. Unlike BUYINSOON’s lamp that uses bright LED light to attract mosquitoes, this trap uses Ultraviolet (UV) light particles as attractant that are darker and do non-glare. It is also safe and sweeps an area of around 6000 feet when in use. Once a mosquito or any other troublesome insect enters this trap, a powerful 20-watt metallic grid zaps it, killing it instantly. The carcass then drops in the lamp’s washable collection tray that you can empty easily when full. At only 15 inches wide, this trap is among the smallest in the niche. It is also aesthetic, ideal for all indoor environments, and lasts long.

8. The Executioner Mosquito Swatter by Sourcing4U Limited

Sourcing4U Limited’s Executioner is currently the eighth best mosquito killer is the market. It is small and cordless. It is also light, chemical-free, and suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Despite its simple racket-like design, this mosquito zapper is very effective. Its ABS plastic construction is also durable, while its two AA batteries provide enough power to keep your house mosquito-free for several days. A final reason why you should consider buying this zapper over other high-end mosquito killers is its cost effectiveness. You no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars weekly on an exterminator to keep your home bug-free. It is also CE approved and has a 1-year warranty.

7. Electric LED Mosquito Zapper by

If mosquitoes or bugs have taken over you home and no remedies you have experimented with seem to work, try the Electric LED mosquito zapper by It is space-efficient. It is aesthetic and designed to match the decor in your home. Most importantly, judging by the top 10 best mosquito killers in 2015 reviews that people have posted online, this zapper works well. Once turned on, its LED bulb generated light, which is a major attractant of mosquitoes and other flying insects. In front of the bulb, a metallic mesh charged to 110 volts by a built-in rechargeable battery kills all trapped insects instantly without leaving sludge or releasing pungent odor. When its battery runs out and you are away, its special three-layer net continues to trap attracted insects indefinitely. Finally, two layers of quality plastic cover its electrical components, to protect users and their pets from accidental shocks.

6. VEX Electric Mosquito Killer by Vex Zappers

The VEX electric mosquito killer is a pet and human friendly mosquito killer that sweeps home off harmful bugs in a short time. Like many brands on this list, it is light and low maintenance. It is also cost-effective and uses an effective killing mechanism that never fails. When in use its LED bulb generated blue light that attracts mosquitoes and other harmful insects over a vast area. As the insects rush towards the light, a metallic mesh shocks them with 3000 volts and kills them instantly. Its built in batteries are rechargeable and durable, while its three-layer protective cover cushions humans and pets from accidental shocks. Finally, with VEX mosquito killer that you buy, you also get a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee and a free flash light.

5. FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device by Flowtron

Fifth on our review, the FC-8800 fly control device by Flowtron is an efficient mosquito killer, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Once mounted horizontally or vertically in a room or barn, it can lure and kill mosquitoes over an area of 1,200 square feet in just a couple of hours. Its UV bulb acts as bait, while its charged electric mesh kills attracted insects instantly. It does not use harsh chemicals, release odor, or leave residues that can affect your health or your pets, or damage the environment over time.

4. Mosquito Bits by Mosquito Dunks

Mosquito Bits by Mosquito dunks contain human and environmentally safe agents that kill mosquitoes. They are EPA registered, available in 30-ounce packages, and among the most cost-effective products for killing mosquitoes. All you have to do is identify stagnant pools around your home, especially near thickets where mosquitoes often breed and treat them with these bits. When mosquitoes drink from the pools, they ingest the concentrate, which kills them.

3. Spectracide Mosquito Larvae Killer

Adult mosquitoes are clever and are often hard to control in highly ingested homes. However, mosquito larvae are vulnerable and relatively easier to control if you have an excellent product such as the Spectracide mosquito larvae killer. It is currently the third best mosquito killer in the market for the following reasons: First, this product is fast acting. If used as directed, it will clear mosquito larvae around your home in less than 24 hours. Second, it is human, animal, and bird safe. If ingested accidentally, it does not induce life-threatening complications. Finally, it is affordable and stays active for a long.

2. Mosquito Dunks by Summit

Instead of struggling with adult mosquitoes, Mosquito dunks by Summit kill mosquito larvae efficiently before they grow to become a nuisance. Each dunk has organic ingredients that human, bird, and animal safe. They are also fish safe, beneficial to harmless insects such as bees, and stay active for 30 days.

1. BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer by Flowtron

The BK-15D insect killer by Flowtron is the best mosquito killer in 2015, as per our review. Of all products on this list, it is the most advanced and by far the most effective especially if used in non-dwelling environments. It is large, has a powerful 15-watt that attracts mosquitoes over a large area, and most importantly among the most sustainable of the bunch.

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