Top 10 Best Hair Clippers Reviews 2014

Are you looking for the best hair clipper to section your hair when styling or to improve your overall look when going to work or a party? Although the brands and models that you can buy online and offline are limitless, there are several attributes you should look out for, to increase your probability of finding the best. The first and by far the most important attribute that you should look at is its quality. Is the hair clipper you are contemplating buying made of a durable material or a light one that malfunctions easily? Second, you should consider your intended use of your hair clipper before choosing a design. Large and strong hair clips, for instance, are perfect for sectioning hair. Small, embellished, and or multicolored ones are, on the other hand, good for accessorizing. Read on to learn about the top 10 best hair clippers in 2014.

10. Vidal Sassoon Large Barrel Claw Clip

Vidal Sassoon large barrel claw clip is large and ideal for styling. It is sturdy, well designed, and has large interlocking teeth that secure large bangs of hair well when styling or curling. Whether you have long or medium-length hair that is straight, wavy or curly, you can also use it to hold hair from your face while applying makeup or exercising, or even use it as a fashion accessory when going to work or a party. It is attainable in black and brown, made of a skin-safe and rustproof material, and rarely splits hair ends as many low quality models do.


9. niceEshop Single Prong Metal Alligator Clips

If you have thick and heavy hair and looking for a durable hair clipper that supports large sections well when styling, niceEshop’s single prong metal alligator is one of the best models in the market. This clip is 4.4 centimeters long and made of a strong Lead and Nickel-free alloy that lasts long. When in use, its alligator teeth grip hair well without cutting them or splitting their ends. Its pivoting system is also strong, while its smooth brush-finished look can blend well with other fashion accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and even necklaces. You can even attach flower on it, embellish it with rhinestones, or any other fashion accessory that you have, without compromising quality.


8. Vidal Sassoon Sectioning Clip

Even with its simple design, this Vidal Sassoon section clip is one of the most functional and flexible models in the market. It is light, well designed, and loved by professional hair stylists worldwide because of its ease of use. Whether you have thick or light hair that is straight, wavy, or curly; this hair clipper will support sections of it well when styling or straightening. Its neutral color (black) also works well with all types of hair, which makes it a good day-to-day hair accessory. You will not regret adding a pack to you arsenal of beauty equipment.


7. Vidal Sassoon Clix Contour Comb Hair Clipper

Vidal Sassoon’s Clix contour comb clipper is seventh on our review. Whilst many people mistake its simplicity for a weakness, this hair clipper is durable and one of the most functional brands for the following reasons: Its large and flat square design is perfect for styling hair. It secures large sections well, giving you sufficient room for styling. If you have thin hair, its combed teeth work well. Once fitted, they do not slip, damage hair roots, or split their ends. This clipper is attainable online in an assortment of colors, usually as a pack of four. This way, you have many clippers to experiment with when styling or cutting hair.


6. Scunci Effortless Beauty Mini Jaw Hair Clipper

Scunci mini jaw clipper is best for sectioning thick hair. It is small, easy to use, and has strong interlocking teeth that secure sectioned hair (both long and short) well when cutting or styling. If used to style children’s hair, it does not pinch the scalp not irritate their delicate skin. Its one-of-a-kind mini jaws will also support your child’s hair well, even if she likes fancy hard-to-support hairstyles. Once fitted, it will not slip of fall off as your child runs around with friends. Each pack of Scunci’s mini jaw hair clippers pack has 18 accessories in three neutral colors.


5. Bemaystar Crystal Peacock Hair Clip

Are you looking for a functional hair clipper that doubles as a good fashion accessory? Bemaystar crystal peacock is an exquisite vintage style hair clip that is great for special occasions. Whether you are going to a prom or wedding, you will make a style statement with this clipper without spending a lot of money. Its jaws are durable and powerful, while its peacock rhinestone detailing goes well with all types of hair.


4. Diane Duck Bill Hair Clipper

A regular is many top 10 best hair clippers reviews 2014; Diane’s Duck Bill clipper is fourth best as per our review. It is durable, functional, and best for pinning hair when styling or working out. It 3.5-inch anodized aluminum material is light. It is also rustproof and does not irritate the skin, even when worn for long. Finally, even though this hair clipper’s jaw are strong and can support large sections of hair well, they do not cut, split, or tangle hair even if used as a day-to-day fashion accessory.


3. Marianna Double Prong Metal Clipper

This Marianna double prong clipper works well on both thick and thin hair. Its spring-loaded metallic prongs are sturdy and rust resistant. It is also durable and secures large sections of hair well when styling or cutting, without affecting their structural integrity. It is also cost-effective, easy to use, and works well when used on soft baby hair.


2. Butterfly Clamp Hair Clipper

Soft ?N Style’s Butterfly clamp is a flexible and affordable hair clipper that is perfect for sectioning both short and long hair. It is durable, cost-effective, and attainable in an assortment of colors in a 12 clips package. When you are styling hair, its 3-inch wide clamps will support a large section at a time without damaging them.


1. Soft ‘N Style All Purpose Duck Bill Hair Clipper

As per our review, Soft ?N Style’s all-purpose Duck Bill hair clipper is the best in the market. Its sturdy design using high quality stainless steel is durable. It is also long (3 1/2 inches), supports thick sections of hair, and works as a good fashion accessory for both adults and children.


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