Top 10 Best Camera Bags Reviews 2015

Digital cameras are expensive. They are also delicate and often malfunction when handled poorly. If you are a novice or professional photographer and travel with your digital camera often, a good camera bag will keep your pricey gadget safe. Their ergonomic designs with padded interior absorb shock well. Their quality construction using waterproof fabrics also heighten safety further, especially if most of your photo-taking sessions are outdoors. Even though many camera bags are available both offline and online, ten best brands in the market in 2015 that you should consider buying are:

10. Canvas SLR DSLR Digital Camera Organizer Bag by Bestek

The Canvas digital camera bag is a well-designed gadget organizer for photographers. It is 38 CM x 28 CM x 18 CM and constructed using durable canvas. The material is also light and tear-proof. If you travel often or take most of your photos outdoors, its water-resistant canvas will protect your camera from rain. The main storage space is large. It can accommodate one DSLR camera, a flash unit, and two lenses. Its side pockets are also spacious, zippered, and well designed for storing accessories such as batteries, cables, and even phones. Finally, it has an easy-to-use shoulder strap with reinforced padding for safety.

9. DSLR SLR Camera Canvas Shoulder Bag by Koolertron

Koolertron’s double DSLR SLR canvas camera bag is ninth on our review. Even though Koolertron designed it with Sony, Canon, Olympus, and Nikon digital cameras in mind, it is large storage space accommodates other camera models and their accessories. Many people also love its simple and interchangeable double design that works well. The bag is light and well designed. Its high-density canvas also lasts long, while its customizable dividers with soft cotton inserts cushion cameras well. Finally, its canvas material is water-resistant. It is also durable and rarely irritates the skin, even if used for long.

8. Digital SLR Camera Case Gadget Bag by Nikon

The SLR case gadget bag by Nikon is a durable camera bag made of a quality nylon fabric. Its design is aesthetic an engineered for comfort, while its stitched and riveted handle is slip resistant and secure. A primary attribute that has won it a spot in many top 10 best camera bags in 2015 reviews is its 12-inch x 6-inch x 6-inch padded storage space. It is large and well cushioned. Its removable Velcro dividers are also customizable to suit all camera types and their equipment, while its padded shoulder straps are comfortable. Finally, for safety, all side compartments and mesh enclosures have zippers. The risk of losing small equipment such as memory cards and pens is therefore, very low.

7. Professional Gear Backpack by Accessory Genie

The professional gear backpack by Accessory genie is durable and among the most flexible camera bags around. Its large storage space fits a 17-inch laptop, a camera body, and all its accessories without scratching or damaging them. Its padded interior is equipment safe, while its three-strap system (two sling straps and one waist strap) is comfortable and distributes weight efficiently. For smaller accessories such as memory cards and cables, and personal ones such as cell phones and pens, this backpack has eight zippered accessory pockets that you can use. It also has a strap and foot holder, a tripod holder, a rain cover, a luggage hand slot, and several other interesting features.

6. Large DSLR Gadget Bag by AmazonBasics

The DLSR gadget bag by AmazonBasics is a large storage bag with many interesting features. A few major ones that have earned it the sixth spot on our review are: 1) Storage space – This 12-inch x 7-inch x 9-inch camera bag has a large 10-inch x 5-inch x 7-inch internal storage space that can accommodate one DSLR body and up to three camera lenses. It also has zippered storage slots for essential camera accessories such as the flash, cables, and batteries, and for personal ones such as iPads and cell phones. 2) Flexibility – Unlike many camera bags, AmazonBasics is customizable. You can adjust its interior to accommodate more accessories or adjust its straps for a comfortable fit. 3) Comfortable – This bag’s ergonomic design is well padded for both safety and comfort. It, for instance, lacks pressure points or uncomfortable shoulder straps that will dig into your skin.

5. Deluxe 100EG Gadget Bag by Canon

The Deluxe 100EG gadget bag is a high quality organizer by Canon. It is durable, ergonomically designed for comfort, and has a large internal storage space for cameras, lenses and other accessories. To ease transport and usage, Canon has fitted a padded strap on this bag. It also has reinforced seams for security, and constructed using an aesthetic and waterproof fabric that protects your pricey cameras well.

4. SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling bag by Case Logic

Fourth on our list, the SLRC-2015 SLR sling camera bag by Case Logic is a well-designed organizer that is suitable for regular use. In reference to the top 10 best camera bags in 2015 reviews posted online, it ranks high for the following reasons: First, its swivel strap design eases usage. Simply swing the bag to access your camera when a perfect photo-taking opportunity presents. Second, because of its quality construction, this bag is surprisingly light and durable. It will serve you well for long, before you think of buying a replacement. Finally, aesthetics aside, this bag protects digital cameras and other accessories well. The padded interior cushions delicate parts. The integrated hammock system in its interior also suspends cameras from the bottom of the bag. In case the bag falls accidentally, its suspended state lowers impact and therefore, the risk of damage.

3. Deluxe 200EG Photo Backpack by Canon

Big and well built, the Deluxe 200EG photo backpack by Canon is currently the third best digital camera bag in the market. Its interior storage space is large. If organized well, this bag can fit two small SLR bodies, four lenses, and several small accessories comfortably. Its innovative design made using quality polyester is also durable, water repellent, and coated with a strong urethane material for stability. Finally, its padded straps are light and comfortable.

2. SLR/DSLR Backpack by AmazonBasics

The SLR/DSLR backpack by AmazonBasics is a 11.5-inch x 7.2-inch x 15.6-inch camera bag with a 10-inch x 5-inch x 14.75-inch internal storage space. When organized well, it accommodates two small DSLR camera, four lenses, and an array of smaller camera accessories such as batteries and cables. Its padded interior heightens safety, while its polyester/nylon fabric is tear-proof.

1. DCB-304 Compact Hybrid Camera Bag by Case Logic

The best camera bag in 2104 as per our review is the DCB-304 compact hybrid bag by Case Logic. Its internal storage space is large and well padded. It also has an internal flex wall for storing cables and zippered side-impact pockets for storing lens caps, batteries, and belongings such as cell phones and tablets.

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